Tree Removal Service

When preserving your tree is no longer an option, we can help remove the tree, and the stump too!

Tree Removal Services

As a property owner in local Downriver, choosing to remove a tree is always a hard decision. Trees beautify our homes, help cool our homes, provide privacy, and even increase the value of our homes.

However, the time may come when a tree stops being an asset, and removing the tree becomes necessary. When a tree becomes a liability, it can pose a direct threat to a home and endanger lives.

This is why knowing when to hire a tree removal service is very important.

When to Remove a Tree?

If any of the following signs are observed, a professional should be called in to see if tree removal is necessary:

  • Damaged Trees: Michigan’s violent storms can cause severe damage to trees. Heavy rain and severe storms can cause tree splits, broken stems, and tree bending.
  • Dying or Diseased Trees: Holes or cracks in the trunk, peeling tree bark, and decaying branches at the top of the tree are all signs that a tree is dying. Diseased and dying trees are not only dangerous, but they can also reduce a property’s value.
  • Trees interfering with power lines: trees growing too close to power lines can be dangerous to anyone in contact with the tree at the ground level. Trees near power lines are also a major fire risk.
  • Tree roots cracking walkways and foundations: roots in their constant search for water can push up walkways and driveways. They can also find their way through existing cracks in a concrete foundation.

Tree removal is not always the first option recommended by an expert, and alternatives like cabling and bracing or disease treatment will be considered if the tree is still salvageable.

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Our Tree Removal Process

Decaying Tree in Taylor, MI

Tree removal in the urban and suburban areas of Downriver can be challenging. Highly trained experts and state-of-the-art equipment will be needed to ensure removals do not pose any hazards to private property and the public.

The cost of removing a tree will be determined by the client’s specifications, size of the tree, safety concerns, and difficulty of access to the tree.

In preparation for tree removal, enough space should be reserved for the tree service company to park their vehicles, and access to the tree should be cleared.

All breakable items like furniture and plant pots should be removed from the area. Pets and other animals should also be removed.

A standard tree removal process includes the following:
  • Finding the natural leaning angle of the tree
  • Clearing the area to create enough room for the tree to lay flat when it falls
  • Cutting down the tree
  • Cutting the fallen log into multiple pieces for easy transport
  • Cutting the stump to be as close as possible to the ground

After tree removal, the stump is usually left behind. Stumps are difficult to remove because they are deeply rooted in the soil. Complete removal can only be done through stump grinding or by digging the stump out.

It is better to remove the tree stump completely since a tree stump can become a trip-hazard and degrade the appearance of a landscape.

Ready For A Tree Removal Project?

A dangerous tree can create a safety hazard for a home, business, and the public. Get the help of experts to help you remove your tree safely and efficiently.

We are a leading Tree Service company that serves all the cities in the Downriver Michigan area. We will examine your trees, listen to your needs, and advise you on the best cause of action.

We are tree care experts, and we use state-of-the-art machinery to ensure the safety of our workers and your property.

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