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Tree Removal in Woodhaven

Woodhaven, Michigan is located 22 miles south of Detroit. This fairly new city rests up against the I-75 corridor. It’s become a hub of activity for Downriver with a junction of residents, ideas and dreams. Visitors to Woodhaven will enjoy it’s beautiful green space at Civic Park, located near West Road and Hall Road. Locals enjoy Civic Center Park’s mix of recreational activities, such as, splash pads, playground, dog park, sporting events, skate park, or spend a Summer day at the Uncle Sam Jam.

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Our Professional Tree Removal Process

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Tree removal in Woodhaven is challenging. Whether you live near Woodhaven Village Square or near the Civic Center Park, a highly trained expert with state-of-the-art equipment will be needed to ensure removing a tree doesn’t pose safety hazards to private property and the public.

The cost of removing a tree will be determined by the client’s specifications, size of the tree, safety concerns, and difficulty of access to the tree.

In preparation for tree removal, enough space should be reserved for the tree service company to park their vehicles, and access to the tree should be cleared.

All breakable items like furniture and plant pots should be removed from the area. Pets and other animals should also be removed.

Our tree removal process includes:

  • Finding the natural leaning angle of the tree
  • Clearing the area to create enough room for the tree to lay flat when it falls
  • Cutting down the tree
  • Cutting the fallen log into multiple pieces for easy transport
  • Cutting the stump to be as close as possible to the ground

Your Tree Removal Experts in Woodhaven

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Tree Removal

Damage, disease or safety concerns can turn some trees from an asset into a liability, it requires the expertise of a tree removal service in Woodhaven, MI. These are definitely signs to have your tree removed:

  • Dead or hanging tree branches in the upper crown
  • Heaving soil at the base of the tree trunk
  • Decay-producing fungi like mushrooms growing at the base of a tree trunk
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Our Customer Reviews

I needed several trees removed that were close to my house so I called Downriver Tree Service. Not only was their response time quick but they did an amazing job and cleaned up everything afterwards. They provide some of the best tree service Woodhaven has to offer.
R. Hendricks
Woodhaven, MI
We had 2 trees down across our driveway, blocking us in and Derrick and his crew responded extremely fast. Their customer service, professionalism, and attention to detail exceeded my expectations. If you need an honest tree removal company in Woodhaven, MI, I would strongly encourage you to call Downriver Tree Service.
M. Hixon
Woodhaven, MI
What a great group of guys. I highly recommend them for tree services in Woodhaven. I used them for their tree removal service and had them remove 6 trees. Very professional, affordable, and an overall friendly crew. Thanks again Derrick.
N. Berger
Woodhaven, MI

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