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A Full Service Tree Company

Trees are an asset to any property in Downriver. They not only provide adequate shade and beautify any property, but they also add to the property value. However, owning trees on a property certainly comes with the responsibility in ensuring they are well maintained and in great health. A problematic tree may also need to be removed or supported with bracing and cabling.

Since trees are such an important asset for homeowners or businesses, you want to be certain that you put your trust into a credible tree service company. We are a trusted and reputable tree service company for Downriver, Michigan.

We are professional tree care experts, and we strive to always provide the best tree care and tree removal services safely and with efficiency.

Bracing and Cabling a Tree in Rockwood, Michigan
Removing a tree in Woodhaven, MI

Our Tree Services

We’ll go out on a limb for you.
Tree Cabling / Bracing

To help hold your tree together and prevent splitting or breakage.

Tree Removal

To help remove a decaying or unsafe tree when preserving a tree is no longer an option.

Tree Trimming

To assist in opening up your views, to eliminate unsafe environments or improve overall tree health.

Our Tree Service Values

From the very beginning, our company has been guided by a set of values that distinguish us from our competitors. It is these values that inspire us to adopt the best practices in the delivery of tree care services.
Customer Satisfaction

Our clients in Downriver are the reason we have our jobs; we always aim to exceed their expectations in all that we do in the care of their trees, and their property.


We are experienced and certified tree experts. Our staff is properly trained to inspect your tree, consult with you, and provide expert advice for the care or removal of your trees.


We're committed to the safety, and it is essential to how we approach projects. We will always prioritize creating a safe working environment for our staff, our customers, and their neighbors.

State of the Art

Tree Service Equipment

We utilize the a wide range of equipment for every service call, which enables us to properly care for trees of all types and sizes. We can work in any location within the Downriver, MI area, and we have tackled jobs, with a variety of different scopes and difficulties.

To provide our world-class services, we use a wide range of equipment including trucks, landscaping tools for trimming, rigging equipment, chainsaws & other cutting equipment, wood chippers, and our climbing gear.

Service Areas

Allen Park, MI
Brownstown, MI
Dearborn, MI
Flat Rock, MI
Gibraltar, MI
Grosse Ile, MI
Huron Charter Township, MI
Lincoln Park, MI
Riverview, MI
Rockwood, MI
Romulus, MI
Southgate, MI
Taylor, MI
Trenton, MI
Woodhaven, MI
Wyandotte, MI

Trimming a tree in Flat Rock, MI
Trimming a tree in Brownstown, MI

We're ready for your next Tree Service Project!

We proudly serve all of the cities and towns within Downriver, Michigan.

If you need the services of professional arborists, we are eager to assist you! Give us a call and we will be right there to provide world-class tree care for the trees on your residential or commercial property.

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